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Serious Non-Egotistical Nonsense, but true! But we just had to tell you coz the 'Fruuppies' need to know!
Did you know that Fruupp's biggest gigue was at the Empire Pool Wembley, London with Hawkwind! Did you know that Queen played support to Fruupp! Yes 1974 at the Corn Exchange in Aylesbury, England., and it was no wee gigue either. Did you know that Genesis, with Phil Collins now the singer, ended their concert in Columbia Md., 1977 with a version of 'The Irish Washerwoman' and a unified shout of 'Hi Steve', when they heard that Houston was in the audience! Did you know the Seymour Stein (Sire Records & Madonna's Manager), contacted Houston after he'd left Fruupp, wanting Houston to move to NY., and Stein would manage the new Houston band! Stein was still talking to Houston about it as late as 1984. Too Late, he'd been to Seminary and was pastor of a growing church!

You really are illuminated now by knowing this stuff, aren't you?




Stephen Houston never intended do what he is doing today. Classically trained in three instruments; Piano, Church Organ and Oboe his entire focus as a teenager became a career in music.

At sixteen he was appointed Organist and Choirmaster of a major denominational church in Belfast, N. Ireland., and playing for city civic functions. The same year, he joined the BBC and the Studio Symphony Orchestra as second oboist. With the orchestra he toured with them to many different cities.

He joined the Irish progressive rock band 'Fruupp' in 1970, recording three LP record albums with them and touring all over Europe. After leaving Fruupp in January 1975, he played with Texan progressive gospel rock group 'Liberation Suite'.

He has continued playing, arranging and producing all styles of music ever since and in 1984 release a contemporary gospel LP recording.

Not stuck in just 'Christian Music' circles only, during 1999 he wrote, played and produced an 'club dance' album with his youngest daughter Gabrielle doing the singing. In 2001 he fulfilled a life long desire to play electric guitar and has produced two secular progressive rock CD's, harking back to the early 70's


Stephen Houston's Musical Trivia:

In 1966 I personally visited Flor Peteers in Malines, Belgium. He was the organist at the Cathedral and the composer of many organ works. Peteers had also studied under the great Cesar' Franck, organist at Notre Dame Cathedral Paris. When Flor Peteers came to the door of his house and saw this wee organ student standing on his doorstep, both he and his wife promptly brought me into his house. What an experience, as Peteers had half the pre-refurbished Notre Dame organ together with the console played by Cesar Franck built into his house. In fact, it looked like the house had been built to contain the organ. Flor Peteers then proceeded to jump onto the organ stool and opened up the monster, playing some of his current composition. I ended up having a private concert by one of the greatest classical pipe organist of the twentieth century.

In 1975 I fulfilled another dream by playing the pipe organ in concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London.



Will Fruupp get back together for a geriatric tribute reunion tour? Doubtful, but worthy of consideration! My problem is time and finding time. I met up with Martin Foye in 1984, telephoned Vincent McCusker at the millenium, to tell him 'that he still is the greatest guitarist on the earth' and took Paul Charles to lunch at the Dorchester in London in 1999. No talk of a reunion!

'LIBERATION SUITE'. Haven't heard from any of the band since Terry Clarke in 1977 and Randy Hill in 2002.

GUITAR FANS The best guitarist that I have ever heard is a friend of mine Jamie Thyer of 'The Worried Men'. Better than Gary Moore in early 'Skid Row'.




Stephen Houston's musical comment: If you're going to write epics, then make them melodic, symphonic, so exiting that they change the atmosphere tangibly and every hearer gets infected with your intention.

Putting the records straight for the 'Fruuppies'!

Fruupp's third LP 'Prince of Heaven's Eyes', song 'It's all up now', lyric 'and Killarey's still the same, as the warm west winds blow over'. The printers got it wrong. It should have 'Killarey', as in Killarey harbor Connemara in the west of Ireland. The song title 'It's all up now' refers to a picture which can be seen in Faith File, hanging behind the Doc in the segment; 'Forum for your reaction.'

Real Important, Right? but this has been a trivial raging argument on Fruupp's tribute website.

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