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Stephen Houston

The albums below were recorded as song compilations rather than concept albums:

" Belfast Cowboy "

Some tracks certainly reflect the Fruupp style and it is easy to detect where a lot of Fruupp's musical direction originated by listening to this album!


The "Belfast Cowboy" is a compilation of Stephen Houston's music recorded in 2001. The tracks which best reflect Houston/Fruupp progressive -rock style are Tweeny and Take off Your Mask, both of which are in Fruupp's typical unique genre. These are big, expansive musical works, with thunderous riffs over which Houston's guitar and keyboard skills soar.

The other tracks range from what has just been described right across to Tex-Mex rock with "American Heartbreak", country rock " Lucy " and downright southern swamp blues.



1. Hot Headed Woman                               6. Lucy

2. American Heartbreak                              7. Take off Your Mask

3. Tweeny                                                  8. Business Woman Blues

4. Listen Up Preacher                                 9. You're Never Alone

5. High Class Lady                                    10. We're Still Here





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" Passing Stranger "

This album even more than "Belfast Cowboy" gives an insight into Fruupp. "Witches Cauldron,  Dancin in the Moonlight, On the Inside and Goodbye Planet" all reflect the powerful dynamics of Fruupp's progressive scope!


Again this is a compilation of Stephen Houston's musical creation's recorded at the same time as "Belfast Cowboy" in 2001.

Both "Belfast Cowboy" and "Passing Stranger" are windows into the Fruupp background and unique genre. For Fruupp purists into "Future Legends" favoritism, then "Passing Stranger" will be the favorite.




1. Going To A Party                                  6. On The Inside


2. Witches Cauldron                                 7. Goodbye Planet


3. Dancing in The Moonlight                      8. We Were Lovers


4. Do Ya Wanna Dance                            9. Tell Me, Tell Me, Do You Love Me


5. I Was Waitin                                       10. Who Are You To Judge?


11. Don't Look Behind






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